AFICEANT, we are home of the packing experts.
Located in Tokyo, AFICEANT is your partner for all your projects related to export, import, procurement and trading be it from and/or to Japan.

【Edible Cricket】

High quality and high protein edible cricket food. Insect can be gained high protein, vitaminB12, especially Cricket.

【Packing machine】

Can be used for sealing of food or supplement packing. Easy to operate and worked efficiency more than handy type.

【Coffee roaster】

Table top machine, can be roasted by your requiry time from light roast to dark roast.
Easy to operate.


High quality and high purity Indian honey popular in Europe, UAE, etc. Our wide range of Indian honeys can meet the high expectations and quality standards of demanding asian customers.
As of 2014, honey production in India has become the third in Asia in volume, following China and Vietnam. Looking at exports to Europe and America, India has become the third largest exporting country in volume, following Argentina and Vietnam. Despite this leading position, importation to Japan remain low.

Honey importation to Japan as of 2016:

  • China: over 70%
  • Myanmar: less than 5%
  • Mexico: less than 1%
  • Bangladesh: 0.2%
  • India: 0.1%

So far, commercial exchanges between India and Japan have been limited but all economic indicators show that going forward this situation will change.

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